Friday, May 13, 2011

Wondering About Wedding? Ta-Da!

Christa Kimble

The Big Day
I don’t remember too much up until right after the wedding, except I didn’t sleep well, Miranda’s alarm went off WAY too early, my hair was not cooperating (which is rare), and I started crying just because my dad put my bag containing our marriage license paperwork in the trunk. 

Not until we were IN the temple did I only have good thoughts. Jeff was so cute, and sweet. I love him. The ceremony was quick and lovely...It's really all a blur. Once we were married we walked outside, and were greeted by friends and family. We took pictures and we couldn’t have asked for a better day…or photographer

All of the following pictures were taken by Christa Kimble...Who is incredible (so hard to choose which ones to post. They were all great): 

After pictures we went to a restaurant for a small luncheon, where Jeff and I exchanged rings, and watched a sweet slide show my mom put together of us growing up. Speaking of slide shows, HERE is where you can see a wonderful slide show of our wedding day, put together by Christa Kimble (the photographer)
Here are amazing pictures of the luncheon, also taken by Christa:

And then we were off for a little honeymoon :)


Kiera said...

You are sure such a beautiful bride! Congratulations again on your wedding day! I was just wondering, what is your love story? How did you meet Jeff? How did you know he was the one? How did he propose?

Rachael and Dan said...

absolutely gorgeous pics! you and jeff look so happy!

Bekah said...

i'm sorry about the pics still not getting to you, mal. i am so so so so sick. like the sickest i'v been in more than 10 years. but as soon as i can sit up for longer than 10 minutes i'll get them to you.