Sunday, April 15, 2012

One Year Down

Jeff and I celebrated our first whole year of marriage on Friday the 13th. I kinda like the thought of that, because it more or less makes it more of a rather lucky day for us.

We had French toast, topped with strawberries and sugar, and whipped cream; with a side of sausage and bacon. Probably my favorite breakfast ever.

And then it was time for our adventure of the day.

For our honeymoon we went to one of Ohio’s most beautiful waterfall areas. So, to keep with tradition we went to see falls, but more local.

 Sally had to be the funniest thing about the trip. Our chicken dog finally found her nature lover side, and GOT IN THE WATER! And SPLASHED. I couldn't stop laughing. Oh, and she collects sticks, and finds a more pleasing composition for them. She moved every stick she found to, what I can only assume, the perfect place.

That evening we ate our traditional (now for our anniversary, because that’s what we ate on our honeymoon) steak! with grilled veggies and homemade fries. Probably my favorite dinner ever.

And of course, what is your first anniversary without your cake topper? Oh boy, now. This is my favorite cake of all time. At our reception, mmmmMMMm…..after a year???....not so much. We had a little bit, and in my mind I thought some traditions are just dumb.

We had a wonderful day.
I love this picture. I took it before Jeff got ready yesterday morning. It took a long time for things to come together for us, and I can’t believe where we ended up. I’m grateful for that. Very. 

And if you forgot how wonderful our wedding day was, here's the slideshow.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Come and Gone Updates

These Virginia Bluebell flowers bloom in our woods every year. When I was little I thought they were a gift just for me. They come in early spring, but don't stick around long. They are already finished blooming this year.

It's been an interesting couple of weeks. Two weeks ago, one of the most important people in my life passed away. My grandma Nick was ready to go, and her funeral was more of a celebration of what a great person we all had in our life. I'm happy she is with grandpa again...But I still miss her.
I really love this picture.
It reminds me to be faithful and endure.
My grandma had her hair ripped out by a utility fan, when she was still a mother of young ones. She told herself she would not wear a wig, because she had faith her hair would grow back. In all her pictures in this time period she is wearing a scarf wrapped around her head. After 13 years, she prayed her hair would grow back in time for my aunt's high school graduation. If it didn't she would know it was time to wear a wig. Apparently a couple weeks before, she about gave my grandpa a heart attack when he walked in on her washing her newly grown locks.

There is so much to say about by grandma, but if you know me you know what she is like. I talk about her all the time. She was a writer, singer, musician, artist, comedian (according to her grandchildren), and the perfect grandma.  I'll probably share a few more things in the future, but this will do for now.

It was nice to see family and share tons of stories, and sing her old songs. My brother and his family were able to stay for a while, and that was great to spend so much time with the kids, before they move off to Kansas.

Easter weekend was nice too. We had brunch with Jeff's parents, before they headed to KY to stay with Jeff's grandparents, and see his sister. We are hoping to save up some to be able to visit them all soon.

We've been busy most weekends with college visits. I'm so excited for Jeff! He got a teaching assistantship at one school...and we are thinking that's where we are headed in the Fall! I'm happy too. We get to stay in Ohio :)

Lot's has been going on lately, and they have all been good. One thing that makes it all good is Easter, and what it truly means. I am grateful for the knowledge we can see our families again. I'm grateful to know we can be forgiven, and live with our Savior again; for he has risen.