Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Love Story: Sibling Edition

Sister of the Groom (Jeff's Sister):

My girlfriend and I were playing at a pool hall, when my friend mentioned that there was a guy staring at me. I went over to talk to him, and said "hi, my name is Marsha Maloney. Can I help you?" From then on I couldn't get him to shut up. Sixteen years later, we have three kids and are still in love.

Sister of the Bride (My Sister):

After being pursued for several months, Phil asked Mindy out on their first date to go to a Red's game. Although Phil was 16, he did not yet have his driver's license. So, Phil's father and step-mother were invited along to drive.

On the ride home from the game, Phil and Mindy rode together in the back of the car. Phil wanted to hold Mindy's hand, but was a little shy and didn't want to seem too forward. he gradually inched his hand over to Mindy's side of the car, and after about thirty minutes was finally close enough to touch Mindy's hand. When their hands finally clasped the spark was so strong that they both saw fireworks. While a strong connection was definitely felt, they also just so happened to be driving by Kings Island's closing ceremony when their hands met.

Brother of the Bride (My Bro):

Some friends of mine told me they had a new roommate moving in the next semester, and that I had to meet her. I didn't think much of it until her first Sunday at church; our eyes met as I turned to talk to a friend and she walked by. I can still remember what she was wearing. once we met I started visiting her apartment and within two weeks we had gone on our first date, and I couldn't spend enough time with her. I had never told a girl "I love you" before, so the first time I could only get out "I more than like you". I knew so quickly that she as all I would ever need to be happy, I just had to make sure she felt the same way. Once I did, I had to make sure I got a ring on her finger before she learned any better.

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