Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Little Canoe - Our Story

If you're wondering how Jeff proposed, check out this blog post.

If you want to know how Jeff and I met, read on...

Written by Jeffrey:

Well, our story begins on the Little Miami River. I had always seen Mallory around growing up, at church dances and other activities, but had never really taken the chance to get to know her. She tells everyone how we met before, when we were in high school, but I don't recall any such event.

Anyways, we were both at a church canoe activity for young single adults, and I had not yet found someone to share my canoe with. She didn't seem to be sharing with anyone yet, and I thought she seemed like a fun girl. I will never forget what she said when I approached her, asking if she wanted to share a canoe with me.

"Like a date?" was her response.

Our entire relationship has been like that, she has always had an innate ability to make light of any situation. She brightens up the room, and I have grown to love and appreciate her for it.

We first started as friends. There wasn't much desire on either end to really pursue anything serious. In fact, when I visited her home for the first time, we talked about how neither of us felt that we should pursue anything beyond a friendship. For most girls, that would have meant the end of us hanging out. But for Mallory and I, it was just different. We somehow always ended up doing something together a few times a week.

After a while I realized how much she was beginning to mean to me. I brought up the prospect of beginning to pursue a relationship, and well, lets just say we danced around the idea for a few weeks until I finally talked her into giving me a shot.

There are many more details that I could share, but the short of it involves Russia, Skype, YouTube, BYU-Idaho, and eventually her moving to be near me.

It has been anything but what most people might call a "perfect love story", but its ours, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Mallory is my best friend and I am absolutely thrilled that she wants to be by my side for eternity.