Saturday, May 28, 2011

Who can? Pelican

 The first Saturday Jeff and I got back, I woke up early to take Sally on a walk...And then we saw the pelicans! I've never seen so many in the the middle of Idaho. I had no idea. So Sally and I power walked home to grab my camera and my husband...And we had a lovely Saturday.

But any Saturday involving a perfect snow cone is a lovely Saturday.

Speaking of Birthdays

I had one this month :)

It was great. IF Farmers Market/Museum's Bodies Exhibit/good food/temple visit/gifts :)

After a long and fun day, we headed home. Jeff had me stay outside with Sally, while he got things ready.
 We picked up some cherry chocolate chip bread for my birthday cake (so much better than normal cake!), had some apple pomegranate bubbly, cookies and cream ice cream, and a lovely card my mother-in-law made for me...and a gift from Jeff~garden essentials, and a fun fact filled gardening book. I loved it all :) Our little growing area is blooming and blossoming away.  

And if you're wondering, 'HEY! Those pictures are pretty snazzy!' that's because of an awesome lens my family sent for my birthday. I was thrilled. I've been wanting one for some time, and this one is perfect. My little laptop is too old and grumpy to use my editing software on, so to have already descent looking pictures makes my life so much easier...and fun. Here is my very first photo using my new lens:
Not perfect, but not bad. And it's only going to get better.

Yay for birthdays!

Friday, May 27, 2011


 I cut my hair...
And I like it...

A couple of years ago, THIS is how I felt about cutting my hair. I'm ready for a change. I mean, everyone is growing their hair out now. It was losing its specialness.

(Don't tell my grandma!)

Life After the Wedding: Chillin' w/ the Buffingtons

 ^These are our friends^
We hang out with them and do things like this:

 This is Kimball (hahaha):


We think he's cool.

And we like to celebrate with him, like for his 1st birthday.

Thanks for letting us party with you guys. 
You're great :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Love Story: Sibling Edition

Sister of the Groom (Jeff's Sister):

My girlfriend and I were playing at a pool hall, when my friend mentioned that there was a guy staring at me. I went over to talk to him, and said "hi, my name is Marsha Maloney. Can I help you?" From then on I couldn't get him to shut up. Sixteen years later, we have three kids and are still in love.

Sister of the Bride (My Sister):

After being pursued for several months, Phil asked Mindy out on their first date to go to a Red's game. Although Phil was 16, he did not yet have his driver's license. So, Phil's father and step-mother were invited along to drive.

On the ride home from the game, Phil and Mindy rode together in the back of the car. Phil wanted to hold Mindy's hand, but was a little shy and didn't want to seem too forward. he gradually inched his hand over to Mindy's side of the car, and after about thirty minutes was finally close enough to touch Mindy's hand. When their hands finally clasped the spark was so strong that they both saw fireworks. While a strong connection was definitely felt, they also just so happened to be driving by Kings Island's closing ceremony when their hands met.

Brother of the Bride (My Bro):

Some friends of mine told me they had a new roommate moving in the next semester, and that I had to meet her. I didn't think much of it until her first Sunday at church; our eyes met as I turned to talk to a friend and she walked by. I can still remember what she was wearing. once we met I started visiting her apartment and within two weeks we had gone on our first date, and I couldn't spend enough time with her. I had never told a girl "I love you" before, so the first time I could only get out "I more than like you". I knew so quickly that she as all I would ever need to be happy, I just had to make sure she felt the same way. Once I did, I had to make sure I got a ring on her finger before she learned any better.

Love Story: Parent Edition

Mother & Father of the Groom (Jeff's Parents):

We met at church on the first Sunday he was home from the Marines. BUT! he was engaged to a girl in Hawaii! We went to the movies and visited friends as just friends, until the girl there sent a letter stating that THEY were just friends!

Then the REAL dating started.

Mother & Father of the Bride (My Parents):

Jeff [Goldie] and I met when we were 11 years old and our siblings stared dating. Since they ended up married, Jeff and I ended up seeing a lot of each other. By the time we were 12 years old Jeff was determined that he was going to marry me someday. At the time I definitely was not interested. Jeff was a little punk with a head buzzed and what did he see in an awkward goofy looking girl anyway?

By the time we were 14 things started to change some. Jeff still swore we were getting married someday, and I still wasn't interested. But I noticed that he started to look around at other girls a little bit. I decided if I wanted to keep the attention I was use to I better start showing a little interest myself. So, I started to let him sneak in a kiss or two to keep him hopeful. It wasn't long before I was in deep myself, but I still let him chase me until I caught him!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Love Story: Grandma Edition

Grandma Nicholas (Grandmother of the Bride):

"My older sister wanted to fix me up with her boyfriend's friend. When she told me he was a redhead I said NO!!! I lived beside a boy with red hair and he was meaner than a snake! One day my sister came into the place where I worked, and she and her boyfriend brought the redheaded sailor with them. She dragged me over to the table to meet him, and as soon as I saw his gorgeous blue eyes I was hooked." (Later, during our reception she said she had failed to mention it was also after a couple of drinks.)

Jeff's Grandma:

"Jeff's grandpa was working in a Kroger store as a clerk, when I began to shop there and we met! Don't know if it was love at first sight, but that was the beginning of it all! 2 children, 7 grandchildren, soon to be 7 great grandchildren."

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Little Canoe - Our Story

If you're wondering how Jeff proposed, check out this blog post.

If you want to know how Jeff and I met, read on...

Written by Jeffrey:

Well, our story begins on the Little Miami River. I had always seen Mallory around growing up, at church dances and other activities, but had never really taken the chance to get to know her. She tells everyone how we met before, when we were in high school, but I don't recall any such event.

Anyways, we were both at a church canoe activity for young single adults, and I had not yet found someone to share my canoe with. She didn't seem to be sharing with anyone yet, and I thought she seemed like a fun girl. I will never forget what she said when I approached her, asking if she wanted to share a canoe with me.

"Like a date?" was her response.

Our entire relationship has been like that, she has always had an innate ability to make light of any situation. She brightens up the room, and I have grown to love and appreciate her for it.

We first started as friends. There wasn't much desire on either end to really pursue anything serious. In fact, when I visited her home for the first time, we talked about how neither of us felt that we should pursue anything beyond a friendship. For most girls, that would have meant the end of us hanging out. But for Mallory and I, it was just different. We somehow always ended up doing something together a few times a week.

After a while I realized how much she was beginning to mean to me. I brought up the prospect of beginning to pursue a relationship, and well, lets just say we danced around the idea for a few weeks until I finally talked her into giving me a shot.

There are many more details that I could share, but the short of it involves Russia, Skype, YouTube, BYU-Idaho, and eventually her moving to be near me.

It has been anything but what most people might call a "perfect love story", but its ours, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Mallory is my best friend and I am absolutely thrilled that she wants to be by my side for eternity.

Party Time

On our way back from our honeymoon the rain was on its way. The temperature dropped and it was just gross outside. But that didn’t spoil our party. I had amazing friends drive clear from Utah to help with the reception, and they are what you’d call true friends; Whitney (bff for the past 7 years), and Kaci and Kristin (close friends after an epic road trip in 2009). They helped my family decorate the house, and helped serve. (Special thanks to Jessica Leaverton. She's an old college friend who volunteered to capture our reception on to speak).
By: Jessica Leaverton
 When we got there that day, I was thrilled. They decorated it better than expected! It was so sweet.



By Jessica Leaverton
Because of the rain, we were unable to use the deck, so it was a little packed. But that’s okay, because the food was good, and the company was great. We had a delicious dinner, where we had a pig roast, home grown green beans and corn, with broccoli salad, and tons of fruit on the side. We also had glass bottle sodas, and bottled water. And for the CAKE we had my favorite! (Don’t judge) Pig Lickin’. Sounds weird I’m sure, but don’t knock it until you’ve had it. It’s a yellow cake base, with mandarin oranges, with a whip cream and pineapple frosting. MMMMmmmm (Thanks to my Aunt Bonnie for making all the cake for our wedding!) 
 We had a room just for the kids, with coloring pages, and little activities. We also had Tangled running the whole time (great movie).
For the center pieces, I wanted to do something a little different, so I had family members write a love story about them and their spouse. It could be how they first met, how they knew they were the one, or their first date. It was great, because it gave people a little more to look at besides pictures of just Jeff and I, and little to read. And it was fun for the people who knew those people in our family better than they knew Jeff and me.
by Jessica Leaverton
On the gift table, Jeff and I had our story, which I will soon post...along with all the others :)
by Jessica Leaverton

After most everyone went home, we opened our gifts. People are so generous, and greatly helped us to start our lives together.
Then, we went to sleep.
That’s the wedding events. Sorry for the wait. I’ve been busy being married and stuff. I am so grateful for this place in my life. Right now I have a handsome sleeping man on my left and a cute sleeping dog on my right, both taking an afternoon nap. We are in a cute little house, with the smell of flowers in the air, and the sound of the neighbor’s lawn mower in the distance. This is my definition of peace for today.

by Jessica Leaverton

On its way: Our story, and those stories from our family :)