Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Season's "MUST HAVES!"

Happy Holidays Everyone!
This Christmas season I've seen a lot of really great ideas for gifts, starting with!

Animal print anything! Even though we live in America, it's never too late to whip out your African inspired faux-fur cheetah print foot warmers! *Caution! Do NOT try to walk in foot warmer thing...Your feet ARE attached together. Well, maybe it will be fun. Kind of like walking like a mermaid.

I'm sure you're thinking this must be a famous, expensive! landscape painting. You'd be WRONG! It's actually from my own personal collection...from the boarder around my living room! Bring the outdoors indoors, with a mountain scene boarder. Any woman would be jealous.

Next on the list of great gift ideas! Chinese scroll with PUPPIES! Brighten any kitchen with those cute faces! *Again, from my own personal collection*
Satisfaction guaranteed ;)
And WHAT is Kelly's secret? THE BOOTY POP! Padded panties to make any booty a beauty! I trusted this product so much I got a pair for my GRANDMA! (totally serious). Her review: A+. She loved them so much she asked for a second pair! Why you ask? For those long days of sitting around! Without a caboose, your tush is kaput! Add this cushion to your tushin, and you'll be great for hours!

Now, this idea was mine. Sometimes I get swept away with watching shopping networks, and the AMAZING things they say and do (I rarely actually pay attention to the product). NOW, I say they need to have a season series available on DVD! Enjoy hours of previous recorded live air home shopping, without the temptation to buy a thing!

Hope these ideas are a HUGE help in getting someone special the PERFECT gift! If you've got great gift ideas, let me know. I'd love to know about it ;)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hold Me Now

This morning I was driving to work in what I would consider a blizzard (to the Idahoans it was probably more like a light love dusting from the clouds). While sliding all over the road, this song saved my life. It encouraged me to keep going and believe in myself, as I sang as loud as I could going 45 mph down the highway. 

This Christmas season I've noticed a lot of great things (what I would consider "MUST HAVES!"), so tomorrow I'll be sharing a few of them.

Get ready.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Katz Next Door

 So, in my house I have internet access in select places (much like I did HERE, only much more accessible and legal). My usual spot in at the kitchen table, looking out the window. This is turning me into, not a bird watcher, but a cat watcher (which probably explains the lack of birds).
I'm pretty sure my new hobby will stay at just taking a couple pictures, but don't be surprised if I start shooting video and narrating the cats interactions in their natural habitat.