Saturday, May 14, 2011

Party Time

On our way back from our honeymoon the rain was on its way. The temperature dropped and it was just gross outside. But that didn’t spoil our party. I had amazing friends drive clear from Utah to help with the reception, and they are what you’d call true friends; Whitney (bff for the past 7 years), and Kaci and Kristin (close friends after an epic road trip in 2009). They helped my family decorate the house, and helped serve. (Special thanks to Jessica Leaverton. She's an old college friend who volunteered to capture our reception on to speak).
By: Jessica Leaverton
 When we got there that day, I was thrilled. They decorated it better than expected! It was so sweet.



By Jessica Leaverton
Because of the rain, we were unable to use the deck, so it was a little packed. But that’s okay, because the food was good, and the company was great. We had a delicious dinner, where we had a pig roast, home grown green beans and corn, with broccoli salad, and tons of fruit on the side. We also had glass bottle sodas, and bottled water. And for the CAKE we had my favorite! (Don’t judge) Pig Lickin’. Sounds weird I’m sure, but don’t knock it until you’ve had it. It’s a yellow cake base, with mandarin oranges, with a whip cream and pineapple frosting. MMMMmmmm (Thanks to my Aunt Bonnie for making all the cake for our wedding!) 
 We had a room just for the kids, with coloring pages, and little activities. We also had Tangled running the whole time (great movie).
For the center pieces, I wanted to do something a little different, so I had family members write a love story about them and their spouse. It could be how they first met, how they knew they were the one, or their first date. It was great, because it gave people a little more to look at besides pictures of just Jeff and I, and little to read. And it was fun for the people who knew those people in our family better than they knew Jeff and me.
by Jessica Leaverton
On the gift table, Jeff and I had our story, which I will soon post...along with all the others :)
by Jessica Leaverton

After most everyone went home, we opened our gifts. People are so generous, and greatly helped us to start our lives together.
Then, we went to sleep.
That’s the wedding events. Sorry for the wait. I’ve been busy being married and stuff. I am so grateful for this place in my life. Right now I have a handsome sleeping man on my left and a cute sleeping dog on my right, both taking an afternoon nap. We are in a cute little house, with the smell of flowers in the air, and the sound of the neighbor’s lawn mower in the distance. This is my definition of peace for today.

by Jessica Leaverton

On its way: Our story, and those stories from our family :)

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