Tuesday, September 30, 2008


It’s amazing how your experiences can be someone else’s answers.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Feelin' Like Passin' Go and Collectin' $200

Ok, everyone! I hope you’re seated for this! I have (pretty much) completed my paintings for senior studio (which were due for summer semester). Yes, I have done it! And yes, I’m a little late, but hey! I actually got it done…now for a 10-15 page paper on Taoism, and planning a couple weeks of lessons for 6 art classes, making tons of ceramic pieces, doing drawings (with “additional effort” because I missed class to meet with another professor), creating a classroom management project, and little busywork projects all due at various times throughout this week…Oh, and did I mention I have to fit in 20hrs of work in there?

240 days until commencement…{insert huge grin here}

Friday, September 19, 2008

Is There Ever Too Much Love?...NO.

OH! I just can't resist! I miss these kids so much! Being an aunt is pretty much the best job in the world. You can always say your too poor to give them stuff (grandparent's job), and your young/old enough where they still think you're cool. It's really ridiculous though how good looking my sib's kids are. How are my kids going to compete with this!



(picture enlarged to show texture)




(All photos were stollen off of my sib's websites...ha)


What a beautiful day! There’s a slight breeze with the sun shining. The next couple days are going to be devoted to lifting this burden (aka homework) off my shoulders. Freedom! I want FREEDOM! I prayed for more hours in a day for this week, and I think it’s actually working.

Is it crazy that I think I might want to teach middle school? I’m in a methods class where I help teach 6th-12th grade art. I still really want to be a high school art teacher, but middle school isn’t too bad either. I think they are so funny! They are so quick to please, and yet they think everything is stupid. It’s great!

If anyone had an art project that they just loved growing up, can you send that my way? I’ve been collecting ideas, but now I really need them. Thanks!
…I better get to work now :)

Friday, September 5, 2008


(Unfortunate not my artwork)
They deleted the blog I didn’t write for them. This is good. So, I was watching a movie last night that sparked back something I’ve always wanted to do. I love art just as much as I love science. I have always wanted to get a degree in some sort of biology. Marine biology is more specifically an interest. Have you ever heard of anyone dropping out of art school to pursue a passion for science? Haha

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Life Can be so Unfair...

Hey! This is kinda fun! Except for my face! SSU posted blogs we sent about the China trip...They took two pictures and they chose that one! Come on! http://www.shawnee.edu/off/com/blog/blog.html

What! And I just read something they posted that I wrote...That wasn't even for them! That was supposed to be a blog I wrote for this, but didn't finish it. I guess it was saved on my prof.'s computer some how, and she sent it thinking it was a blog for the school! Oh dear...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So Much...

Recap time! I honestly saw just about everything in China. Everything. I'm finally just taking my camera to the library, and am now posting a few (out of TONS) of pictures.
Things I did and saw:
Longmen Caves
Kung Fu
Hiked up Mountains to Taoist Temples
Went to the Olympics
Climbed the Great Wall

Ate Everything!
(With Chopsticks!)
Climbed up a Pagoda
(Beautiful after the rain)
Saw the The Terracotta Army

Was on the city wall of Xi'an
And everything in between...

Garet and I had a time just going down the Great Wall:

If you want to see more, I posted a bunch of pictures on Facebook:


I am putting together a video of the trip, so expect to see that in future days...Hmm, I wonder what's next. Red River Gorge is coming up soon, but there has to be something bigger. And, skydiving may be in the works for graduation. I'll keep you posted. Life is pretty exciting:)

Why do I do What I do?

Ok, this is insane. Yesterday I got home from work around 1:00pm. I was planning on getting caught up in everything since I haven’t had much of a brake to do anything. WELL, what is about to start that would take up an entire day?? That’s right! The Lord of the Rings! One full day shot to the wind with one press of play…(three times). I’m a sucker for the movies, but I’ve had my fill for a while. I’m just so perturbed from this. Haha

I have just dropped a class to lighten my huge load for Spring semester. This means I will most likely not be student teaching in China. I don’t know what to think about this. I’m kind of relieved because now I can focus on looking for a job, creating a quality portfolio, applying for grad school, or preparing for a mission. I can also keep my job, which will hopefully get me being a CHA certified horseback riding instructor sooner. I was thinking that if I do go to grad school I will hopefully have enough saved up to pay for the first year, and then teach horseback riding and/or art lessons to pay for the rest. Who knows what will happen, but hopefully I’ll be prepared for whatever.

Welp, I’m off. I’ve got a ton to get done today
(no help from yesterday).