Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Family Vacation

My parents and little sister came into town our last weekend in Idaho. I still had a few things to do on my list before we moved, and I was going to check the rest off. First we went to see Mesa Falls, since it was on the way to where we were staying. 

 Then we checked into our cabin...which was a little questionable. The reason for not staying in our house was so we could have enough space to stretch out, and have a place to take a shower (rather than only a bath at our house). In the cabin...both of these were questionable.

Walking up to the cabin was a little iffy. A support beam was cracking in the middle, making the door hard to open. It was a decent size, but was not an invitingly clean facility. And the moment Jeff sat on the bed, it plopped down through the frame, and onto the floor. We didn't sleep as comfortably as we thought, and the shower was a makeshift drum thing that barely had room for one. But we were at least and hour closer to our destination. Here are some pictures to make the place look cool (haha):    

 We also stayed there because they provided kayaking for a decent price. When we checked in I asked how we go about going kayaking. She said to get ready and come on up, and they'll take you down the river. SO, we quickly got in our swim suits, applied sunscreen, and waddled up to get going. That's when we were told "Oh, we only have four kayaks (there's five in our party), and two are already out". What? Why didn't you tell us this in the first place? After debating what we should do, and having the front desk and the guys loading up the boats misinform us, we finally decide to get a raft and be done with it. My family's team work abilities are definitely not our strong point, but we made it down the shallow river, and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery. It was beautiful.

We were done early enough to go check out Yellowstone, before calling it a night. We saw Old Faithful go off around 9:30pm. We went to the Paint Pots and saw quite a few holes with steam coming out of them. And we saw lots of elk.

The next morning we headed the other way around Yellowstone, and it was amazing.

 I thought Yellowstone was breathtaking...

and then we went through the Tetons.
I recommend them both.
 We stopped in Jackson Hole, WY and walked around a bit.

 And then we were back on our way to Idaho.
 Awesome family vacation.

But I guess any family vacation is a success if everyone comes out alive.

Next up: The Move