Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Climbing Up

Welp, been really busy these past couple weeks. I'll have to update you on everything as soon as I get a chance. One quick update: Rock Climbing (for the first legit time:)One other update: Jobless...
I turned down so many amazing opportunities this summer to make time for finding a real grown-up job...didn't happen (bad advice). Talk about a bad time to graduate college. And talk about a hard thing to get through. Everyday is a struggle and a beating on the self-worth, but it will pass. I was used to putting in a full 12 hours of solid productivity a day. Now, it's not too fun to put so much time into something (job searching), with no return. SO, if anyone has any ideas, I'm open to them. :)

When I went climbing, I noticed that at each new climb finding a place to start was the hardest part. After that things went a little smoother. So, I guess I just need to find my footing and start climbing up.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


So, what do you do when your eggplant has a nose?
Or EGGsactly

Mom brought it home, after calling my sister and me to tell us the crazy news (that she had an eggplant with half a face). Wish I had more time to make more fun faces, and give this eggplant the photo shoot it deserves. But this is all I've got time for.

Time to party in Cinci

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cooking Club #2

Cooking last week was awesome! Grilled pizza and stuffed zucchini were our new recipes. We are a little worried we might not be able to top them. The only thing I would change with the stuffed zucchini is it wouldn't be a stuffed zucchini. I would cut up the zucchini and put it in with the stuffing, and then put that on top of angel hair pasta. This time we only had one mishap. We locked the oven to keep the baby out...and then it wouldn't unlock. Steam was billowing out, while we were on our knees trying to pry the door open. Once we got it open, the food was perfectly cooked.
That afternoon I had a left over zucchini, and when I got home this is what I found:The oven is not the only thing that could use a lock.
I'm hoping to soon get links for all the recipes, so you can just click on them and they will be all together. Eventually it will be like a recipe tried and proven cookbook. Fingers crossed.

How You Know a Recipe is GOOD:

3. When you're sad you can't fit more in your stomach.