Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mesa Fallin' + Update

The week before we moved across the country Jeff and I, and our good friends, Seve and Jules, went camping near Mesa Falls.
I think every one's favorite part was dinner; steak, tinfoil veggies, and King Salmon straight from Alaska.

The next morning we went to the Falls.
...Just MAYBE

Jules' baby is due soon, and we are sad to miss meeting him! Good luck with moving and growing your family!

I was lucky enough to have my parents and sister visit us a few days before we moved. We all went all through Yellowstone, and the Tetons. It was awesome.

Then Jeff and I tried to make it a fun trip back home, which was an adventure. 

Lot's of pictures on the way of our trip with my family, the road trip home...and maybe of the new place (my parents' basement, which I think we will affectionately call The Pool House) if I can ever get unpacked. Who on earth knew you could get sick of cleaning and cleaning and packing and unpacking after doing it so many times? Before we moved, my office moved (which was a two month ordeal on its own). We are crossing our fingers that the next place we move will be for a longer period of time. I like change, but I think I'm ready for instead of an address change, it just be a picture frame.

I'm also free from my previous job! I will miss it, but I was ready to be done. So what does this mean, other than little money? (well not that I made much in the first place)....I can make money doing other things! I was restrained by being a VISTA to not have any other income, but not any more! Nope, I can do whatever I want! And I'm ready...Now all we need is for Jeff to find a job. (Keep him in your prayers).

It's a good feeling being home. I think Jeff is stressed with the job search, but we know things will come together. Just, hopefully sooner than later. 

Seeing old friends, holding my baby nephew, swimming in my childhood pool, walking on my old horse trails, and feeling the always sticky Ohio air has given me a new wave of contentment. I have a sweet loving husband, and loyal and cute as all get-out dog, and to be where our roots are makes everything okay.

better than okay

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good Byez

 Everything I love in this^ picture is GONE. Good bye good friends, and good luck in all you do. And good bye Executive Chair. We will never be as important again. 
(Please take note of how awesome Kimball's shirt is, please)

The other day Jacob, Jeff and I went around to take some professional feeling pictures...and this is a taste of some adds I made for Jacob. I'll share a couple that have my husband in them too, to be fair:
I think I'm funny.

Monday, August 15, 2011

An Adair Affair

Dan and Rachael were in town the other day, and we all partied on the hill one last time. The husbands were there...just...not in the pictures.

1 doz 4 pie

We did a little mini-farmers market exchange at work the other day. The boss lady gave me a dozen eggs, and I gave her one of my self proclaimed famous rhubarb pies.  I make pancakes with the eggs, and they were good. :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Boise Weekend

Jeff and I are working on getting to see more of this state, before moving. This past weekend we explored Boise, Idaho...and getting there was not easy. We got out a couple hours later than desired, and the drive was a couple hours longer than realized (due to construction, and the fact that you have to drive clear around the wilderness to get anywhere). Our camp site wasn't in the GPS, and once we finally at least found Lucky Peak State Park, finding an open camp site was another story. After looking all over in the dark we found it. The one and only open area. We nabbed it, and tried to get some sleep (amongst the boisterous tweenagers walking through every 10min and what we call little chirpers scurrying around our tent).

But when we woke up...Now that is a different story. The sun came up over the hills, and gleamed on the lake. Our site overlooked the beautiful scenery. We even had a dock to play on. It was a gorgeous morning.

 Later, we put together lunch, and explored the place.

We went to the rose garden, and zoo. We wanted to ride the swan pedal boats, but they were a bit of a ripoff.

I think Boise's my favorite city in Idaho if I had to pick. 
After our adventures, we headed over to a reception for Jeff's old roommate.

 It was lovely.
Boise's nice.