Friday, June 8, 2012

Up, and Onward

 Hello All,

If you haven't noticed, my url changed.

And, if you're wondering 'hey! whayr dos blogz at?' there's a reason. For about a year I've been contemplating the life of my blog. It's been around since the beginning of my college days, and my priorities and interests have developed much since then. Things I've decided:

1. The world doesn't need to know my personal biz.
2. It's freeing to not care what the world thinks about anything in my life.
3. Authenticity, simplicity, and creativity are key points I try to embrace.

There's a former blogger I admired quite a bit, who decided to "jump ship" of the blog world when her child was born. She has over 3,000 followers, zero ads (unless you call the 'Art, Not Ads' button an ad), and instead of using her blog for personal gain, she left it. She left behind a powerful message of what is truly important.

I've been taking a little break from the blog world to think about those priorities of mine, and I've realized I don't personally have to involve me. I thought about how blogging is a tool, not an identity. How do I want to use it? For good, of course. That's when I decided personal blogging is something to give only in small increments. I'm an artist, a creative thinker who NEVER stops thinking. If I could only funnel it, and focus it.

Next week we are moving, and things will be a lot different. I'm excited! We actually have a REAL place...including...and office space...or studio??? And a garage for bigger projects. I am funneling in my love of blogging, with something that needs fine tuned. ART! And sharing those things that make life simple, better, and richer. I'm not a diy lover, so don't expect that kind of stuff. But I hope it will be more inspirational with a splash of informational with personality.

I will share more after we move, and have settled in a bit. And then I'll post a blog here for probably the last time. Onward and upward!