Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 Thus Far

 Jeff turned 25! 
Jeff's long time friend, and our favorite couple to hang out with happened to be able to make it (THE BUFFINGTONS!). I don't think Jeff could have asked for a better birthday.

Ella joined the chess team, and helped break in our awesome chess set.

Sally, surprising, yet unsurprisingly, had something "off" about her face...
Which called for an emergency run to the store for Benadryl.
 This is what she is supposed to look like, in case you may have forgotten:
 All we can figure is that she must have tried to love a spider to death (like usual). Only this time it tried to love her to death, back.

We've had a lot of visitors, lately. After seeing about a million wild turkeys, Jeff mentioned how when we were in Yellowstone we barely saw any wildlife. We move back home, and it's everywhere.

And then there was the whim to make a homemade cookie monster...
 Now, a normal cookie monster is delicious (where we just buy everything that goes on it, and put it together). But a homemade cookie, homemade ice cream, homemade whipped cream, homemade hot fudge, and a homemade caramel cookie monster is monstrously delicious. And somehow took just about the same amount of time to make.

I've been thinking a lot about the past, lately. More specifically, the past before I was even thought of. I've been converting my grandma's songs from tapes to mp3, and just read a small book on my other grandma's family. Makes me want to move into the hills, and start a folk band honestly. It also makes me want to do a family history adventure, where Jeff and I track down old stories and places from our ancestors.-More to come on these projects in the future.

I've also been thinking about this pretty huge artistic project I've been building in my mind...oh, to be back in college, when I had all these weird connections and could pull it off...I'll have to see what I can do...

I think a lot. Too much, probably. I'm a dreamer.
Fortunately, Jeff got me a project planner for Christmas. It's been helping me keep my thoughts organized...
And I might actually get some done.
Goals. Goals. Goals.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I went for a hike today, without my camera.

I realized the rough rocky spots are where the water makes the most beautiful sound.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years

 Sooooo, we really splurged for New Years/Jeff's birthday. First we walked around a little in downtown Cincy (which happens to be what we did on our first real date), before meeting up with Jeff's friends where we made reservations. We went to a Brazilian restaurant, where they come around with different cuts of meat, and it's amazingly tasty, and awesome, and yummy, and filling beyond belief. It was worth it. 
 ^sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot^

Afterwards the night was still young (as in 6:45pm), so we went to see Mission Impossible. It was good...I think old people go to see movies on New Years Eve though, because we were definitely the youngest people there...and that's what my parents did too...

The guys were wanting something sweet afterwards, so as tradition for Jeff's birthday (or so it seems to be becoming), we suggested a cookie monster. At the pizza place back in Idaho, they had a little cast iron skillet with a freshly cooked giant cookie on the bottom, ice cream in the middle, and whipped cream, pecans, caramel and hot fudge on the top; which they referred to as a cookie monster....and what I like to recreate for Jeff...and his 1am on New Years. Makes me miss it just typing about it.

So, we rang in the New Years well fed, watching the modern Sherlock BBC series. We tuned in 10 sec. before the ball dropped...or in our case, before the fountain square sign flashed HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I leaned over and gave Jeff a kiss. :)

We are getting quite old though, because we had to roll down the window and sing as loud as we could the hour ride home at 2am to keep from falling asleep, where apparently my little sister (who got in a half hour after us) had a pleasant, non-groggy drive home...odd what a difference a few years can make...or is it marriage.?...We did see a movie on new years eve....  

We did happen to save my triple chocolate moose cake from the restaurant, so on New Years day Jeff and I ate it with some sparkling wild berry we were supposed to be home in time to break open the night before. I was much happier with how our plans ended up.

 And now today. The day resolutions arrive. We made goals.

 (New Years Eve: Green)

 (Today: White)
 Snow covers the old, and allows for the new to start.
I really like this song for today.

<3 from us