Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rain Rain

Oh, the cold rain.
I just want to cuddle up in a warm blanket in front of the fireplace. 
The past few weeks have been in the high 70's, beautiful fall weather (pictures to come)! But this week has been dreary (but at least not snowy!).

Things are coming together for Jeff and I. We've had some goals we really wanted to accomplish this year back home, but as each month passed they seemed farther and farther from ever being achieved. Well, I think they are finally going to be in our reach. Hopefully later this week we will know. 

Our Goals For October 2011-2012
  • Be more diligent in reading scriptures, praying, and serving others (will never be crossed off)
  • Find meaningful work (or any work at all)
  • Have an emergency fund 
  • Pay off Jeff's student loans
  • Create a realistic and obtainable budget (including investments and savings)
  • Eat healthily and exercise more
  • Create a side business (i.e. Etsy Shop) as a hobby and to help us be more creative
Within each goal there are specifics, and I've got different papers with different ideas and elaborations scattered around. So, to stay organized and managed I'm creating a "life book"....I need to think of a better name. Since I've been busy with different jobs and projects I've needed a more time efficient way of doing things. I want to get a meal plan, and shopping list made for each week. I want to keep track of each of our goals' progress. I want to keep up on my online class, or anything new I've learned. I want to keep each of my jobs organized. I want to hold myself accountable to following through on good ideas. That's what this book will help me do. Categorize and organize responsibilities, without micromanaging my life. 
(More details on this project to come)

This weekend, Jeff and I are heading across the river to Kentucky. We're excited to spend time and have fun with Jeff's side of the family. 

I'll keep you posted :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Great Move

So, two months ago Jeff, Sally and I moved from Idaho to Ohio.
A couple of weeks before we had two yard sales, sold all our furniture to the guy moving in after us, dropped off at least three loads of stuff to DI, and left several boxes of useful things behind...and still we were stuffed to the brim. But we were able to fit the most important things (including ourselves).

On our way out of town we cashed in on a very important card:

AND then we were off!

We drove all day, and when it got dark we looked for a place to stay...a cheap motel in WY. 
On our way to the room, the manager said we were getting the most comfortable bed in the place. He knew because he said he always takes his afternoon naps there on his cleaning rounds. Classy.

We finally made it to our first site. And it was awesome:

 Naturally we were excited to find the Ohio flag. 

No pets were allowed, so we found a monument for Sally to get to enjoy too.

Our next stop was going to be Omaha, but we were too excited to get home (and/or listen to our books on tape).

So we went straight to the stop after that; Nauvoo. We stayed at a beautiful campground looking out on the Mississippi River. Once across the river we already felt at home. The air was moist, the crickets were chirping away...and it was GREEEEENNNN. AWWW, HOME.

After a decent nights rest, we enjoyed the Nauvoo Historic Site very much, and can't wait to stay longer next year.

 We like oxen.

After a wonderful day, we were on the road one last time. Home was so close we could hardly stand it. We got in late, and crashed in bed. The next couple of days we were busy visiting family. We were greeted with lots of love, green beauty...and lightning bugs.

And then the fun was over:
I feel like we're still unpacking. Despite job searching, deep cleaning, unpacking, and constantly having things that need to get done, it is sooooo sweet to be home.
Home Sweet Home

And now for some pictures of how Sally spent most of the drive.
(She was amazing the whole way!)

 And we lived happily in Ohio.........................
                                                                          ..................................Ohio adventures on the way.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

Home in Idaho

So, we're back in Ohio. It's really great. 
I've been staying really busy making the basement into a home, and getting started in three different jobs. On Saturdays I'm helping out on a farm, with their fall festivities. I'm babysitting two handsome little boys a couple days a week...AND I finally got an art teaching gig. It's part time this year, which really works out perfectly for Jeff and I to get settled in and comfortable.

I've got tons of project ideas, and have lots to share. Now that we have most of our living situation arranged (i.e. an actual OFFICE space), I'll have more time. Ah, yes. Time. Considering I've got to leave at 6am, I believe it's time for bed. 

Coming up: The Move (as promised), the new pad, latest finds, projects, and goals to leading to a more organized life.

Buenas Nachos