Friday, July 24, 2009

Hair Here & There

So, I keep finding these pictures of women, with about the same hair style laying around my parents' house. It has been a common occurance for many years. My mom has always kept a look out for the perfect do. Here's one I just found on the comuputer. She often takes pictures of the t.v. too...I think it's funny...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rain, Rain...

I've been stuck in the house almost all day, and couldn't take it anymore. I found the nearest rain coat and sandals, and headed out the door. Aren't my sandals lovely? Or in other words: Manly? I got them for $3 and they're just about the best $3 I've ever spent. I go hiking and creek wading in them all the time. Just to give you an idea of how manly they are, though: The family was heading to a church picnic earlier this summer, and my dad had to leave early to help with the grilling. When I got to the picnic, he was wearing my shoes. Luckily they're a little big on me...and more than likely men's shoes.
While outside today, I remembered a little wren family that lives in a fence post. I looked in, and could see their little feathers all wet. So, I gave them a little unbrella. Worked great.
Now, I'm back inside, daydreaming about being outside again. Mmmm, sunshine. Here are a couple new additions to the garden:

Friday, July 17, 2009


This song is just about all I want out of life...Just about.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Day

Finding out what kind of pop star I'll be, and my pop star name according to Hanna Montana (My name is Dakota Meadows if you're wondering)...

And bubbles. Ella wiped hers on my car and said I owed her for the wash...

Friday, July 10, 2009

What I've been up to...

Welp, not too much. When I walked down to get the mail I met this guy:When I went to the store, they had Asian style soup mix for $.50. I like to try new things all the time, so I picked one up. It wasn't until I was checking out that I realized maybe this wasn't one of my best choices (much like the dragon fruit last month). All I've been doing lately is getting things done here and there, and reading great books. I went for a run a couple days ago, and there were these beautiful orange flower things with different types of orange butterflies all around them! The next day I went to take a picture, and out of all the days they mow they chose that one. First time in weeks. Maybe months. Life is funny. There were plenty of other beautiful things to enjoy, though.

I've also been spending some time with my grandma, and her best friend.
Meet Anna:Isn't she gorgeous? She really knows how to live the life. This is a typical position. Expect to see a little more of her soon. Also, expect to see a little more of me blogging too. :)
I'm off to spend the night at Girls Camp...1st yrs are crazy!