Friday, May 29, 2009

Zoo Days

Jenny Jen Jen is home from school, so we went somewhere we both enjoy;
And now for the craziest animal of all:
Good to have you home.

We didn't get to meet Jack Hannah, BUT we did get to meet this guy (eating lunch):


Jonathan and Sarah said...

ive met jack hannah!!! my mom brother and i were at subway and two columbus zoo vans pull up, one had a cheeta looking cat in it, and jack hannah asked us if his crew could cut in front of us. so yeah-- that is all we met of him, but he totally talked to us! I thought you would be excited... if not, i was. lol

Kiera said...

oh my gosh guess what?! i'm going to the zoo tomorrow! zoo buddies! do i get comments to show up in the posts? i want to learn from the best.

aunt diane said...

put a beard on him and he would look like your uncle bob...
except the ape is waaaaaaay better looking!!!