Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love Story Continued

I got back from a hike today, and heard some funny noises. I went in the barn, and saw a lady I hadn't seen in a little while. The hen had been incognito for a couple weeks, and this is how she treated me when she got home:

After a while she softened up, and let me see what she was hiding. 9! baby chicks! Congrats Papa Rooster and Mama Hen!
I love spring!


aunt diane said...

I want those chicks sooooo cute. I didnt know chickens could growl,that chicken may be worth millions!!!!!!

Jonathan and Sarah said...

lol-- that is the strangest sound ive heard from a chicken!

Ashton Sanders said...

Hahahah that is fabulous. Congrats to you two happy chickens. We totally want to do that with our chickens now.

Miranda said...

I knew the peck was coming, but it still surprised me!