Sunday, May 3, 2009

Driving Away

Yesterday morning I left for Penn State. I had my Google map, and had no fear of getting lost. Half way into the journey I saw the most stomach dropping sign:
Maryland?! Am I supposed to be in Maryland?! Thinking I had to have gotten totally lost, I consulted the mini map. I had to squint to see it, but there was a faint gray state line. I'M OK! I never realized Maryland had a narrow strip reaching so far. Maryland is foggy.

My favorite thing about driving in other states is that you can go over 65! All the interstates are 70 in WV. I feel like a rebel when I drive out of state.

Riddle me this: Why aren't more people singing on the road? This has always perplexed me. What could they possibly be doing that is better than singing to the top of your lungs driving down the highway?

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Miranda said...

I think about the driving thing often. Maybe its just a Goldie thing.