Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Time Out

We are back!
All the women in my family headed to Cincinnati this weekend for:

It is just a little get away for women with speakers and musical performances. It is awesome! Sheri Dew was the host on Friday. She is an author (among may other things), and wrote one of my favorite books, If Life Were Easy, It Wouldn't Be Hard: And Other Reassuring Truths.

Before we heading over, we stopped for dinner at the closest restaurant. All the girls in the family LOVE Hilary Weeks. She is probably my favorite LDS singer and song writer. SHE WAS THERE! We were debating on how to approach her, when Mindy just goes for it. She saw her table was taking pictures and offered to take one for them. Then asked if we could get one, too. At the table were the other speakers Emily Watts, Kris Belcher, and Kim Nelson (who took the photo). They were HILARIOUS and were wonderful speakers, so it was fun to have a picture with them, too.

Later, when we were standing in line, Hilary walks by and says "Hey! There's the lunch bunch! We're like best friends now." She said it. Hilary and I are bff's. I got to talk to her a couple times, and she is so kind to listen to everyone.
I have another new love: Jenny Oaks Baker
Her gift brought everyone to tears.

I can't say enough about TOFW. It was fun and spiritual. The people involved in putting it together are definitely inspired.

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Jonathan and Sarah said...

mallory- i officially feel cooler knowing that you and Hilary are BFFS!!! that is a totally cool story! and for her to remember you is amazing! im glad you had fun! i really want to go to TOFW someday!