Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I was taking a hike a couple weeks ago, when I saw a tree that seemed kind of a metaphor of what I was going through. After that, I started to see lots of them. Sometimes we get off course before we start going in the right direction.

Sometimes we get too close to the edge.

Sometimes we are tangled in things from the past.

Sometimes others take advantage of us.

Sometimes we carry those who fall.

And sometimes we have to take a step back from those we are close to, to see what truly makes them beautiful.

...We all have our seasons, and continue to grow...


Christyn Caryn said...

Beautiful post! Beautiful Pictures! Beautiful thoughts... Love it all Mal! It really made me think. Keep it up!

grant and maren said...

I love you mal. These pictures are so beautiful. I can't wait to see the art that will come from hiatus from job searching! I wish you lived closer.

Beth said...

Amazing.... Can I get those in 8x10 pictures with the quotes in frames?... i'm not even kidding. i love it.

Kristin Gardiner said...

Why are you not famous?