Monday, August 10, 2009

City of Beautiful

Yet another wonderful road trip last weekend.
There's no way I could have picked better people to go with. As soon as we got going Anne declared we needed rules, so she started writing them down in her Zac Efron notebook. We decided each rule needed to rhyme. A couple of my favorites were "No waving emphatically, it increases danger dramatically" and "If you don't want flack, sleep in the back".
Of course we were all given nicknames as well: *P-Jackie the Perfect Person*Mallory the Mediator*Holla-pa-Haley*Da-Anne Da-Dictator*, and alliteration was necessary (The reason for the new first letter in a couple names).
We also had great little "adventures" whenever the GPS would steer us in the middle of nowhere. Example:I can't believe how much we were able to pack in those two days (or more like a day and a half), but the highlight was definitely being able to go to the beautiful Nauvoo Temple.Here is a great video sharing a little about the blessings of the Temple. Nauvoo was so much fun, and a great reminder of the sacrifices of those who lived before us. ...Can't wait to go back again...

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Christyn Caryn said...

EAST! Next time turn your car in the direction of EAST!! Seriously... when am I going to see your face??