Friday, August 21, 2009

The New Cookin' Club

I have a good movie suggestion: Julie&Julia
Mindy (my older sister) and I went to see it the other day, because it was right up our alley. We both love cooking, and we both love blogs. In fact, I was over at Mindy's house watching Food Network, when I brought up Julia Child, wondering how she got to be who she became. Right then, the preview came on! It was meant to be. So, we saw it and enjoyed it.

Kind of out of inspiration of the movie (more out of our enjoyment of trying new foods), we have decided to meet once a week to try out new recipes. Tuesday was our first day, and it was NOT looking good. I was late, and forgot half the ingredients I was supposed to bring. SO, on top of having to run back to the house (luckily not TOO far away), the main ingredient for Mindy's was...unavailable. It was corn still on the ear. Just the week before we had totally cleaned out the garden, and had already canned (more like bagged) all of it. Boy, this was shaping up to be a disappointing night. In need of the perfect, uncooked, un-de-cobbed corn I strummeged through the garden again. Who knows! Maybe I'll find some...Well at the beginning, I did:I found these mini tiny things we left behind. Shucks! (excuse the pun...way too dorky) But, finally I had victory! I found a good couple ears. I headed back to Mindy's. Once I got there the sun had already set. Mindy had to grill in the dark, but everything still worked out ok:I was finally able to get started on my recipe too: Raspberry-Lemonade. Simple, yes. But I am a huge water drinker. I never have anything with flavor. So, for the benefit of future guests, I thought it would be wise to know how to make something satisfying for them.
Plus, I got to use the electric lemon juicer thing for the first time! My favorite part of the night.

And the raspberry syrup smells amazing...
We had a not so great start, but once things were rolling it was wonderful! We finally got to eat some time past 9:00pm, and it was GOOD. The beverage was perfect and the Grilled-Roasted Corn and Tomato Salsa/Salad was GREAT!We are definitely going to keep up this tradition. If you have any crazy recipes let me know! I need a new one every week.
Mindy and I also are starting a list. We've only got a couple of them so far(cause they were just things Mindy would say when she would do them), but I'm sure the list will grow.
How You Know a Recipe is GOOD:
  1. When you have to cancel plans to eat what you made for the next day, because you ate it that night.
  2. When you lick the plate clean.

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