Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Birthday Week!

My mom, dad, and 2 sisters all have their birthdays in the same week. So, I believe it should be our family's time to have a reunion every year, and call it
Birthday Week.
Birthday Week started off with a little fishing trip. And I'm still trying to figure out boys' (and men's) fascination with throwing things in the water...We also had an amazing time kayaking down the Little Miami River...Which ended in a rather...what's the word? Ah, spectacle.
Next was Youngs Dairy

Rain came in and out that day, and it was great. Helped the place from getting too busy, and we had a blast. I'm not a big fan of putt-putt, but we ended up having lots of fun with their Utters and Putters.

^Love this picture of Chase^
And let's not forget about their wonderful ice cream. This is Bekah's 'Wow, 2 scoops is way more than I was expecting' face:
The PA Goldie's have even more photos from the week's happenings. It was great.
...Wonder what we will all do next year...

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