Sunday, August 16, 2009


The garden has been good to us this year. Now we've got tomatoes and zucchini and cucumbers and green least that's what's ready this week. Always something new as the summer goes on...

Speaking of something new; have you ever heard of a squmkin? Probably not. I just made it up. That's what I call this:

Last year we kept the seeds from a spaghetti squash to grow this year. Only, when we went to pick them they were definitely not that. We were a little baffled considering we knew exactly where the seeds came from. Then I found this explanation. We created a hybrid! Our squash cross pollinated with a pumkin, creating the squmkin. In the explanation it says "Cross pollination is not a concern for gardeners unless they want to save seed of a particular variety to plant."...That's funny...because we did.

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