Friday, February 13, 2009

Home Brings Smiles

I love visiting back home. I was planning on getting tons of assignments and lesson plans done. In actuality I'm spending the time doing what is REALLY important to me.

Quick recap of the past little while down at school:

After a full day of teaching, meeting with my professor and a late class the only thing that is ever on my mind is, of course, FOOD. I made one of my favorites; chicken with onions and peppers. I went to add some spice, and things got a little TOO spicy. I opened a brand new thing of fresh ground pepper, went to turn the grinder, and this is what happened:

The top wasn’t screwed on tight. Notice the little bit of pepper left^What could I do? It was late and all I wanted to do was eat and go to bed. I cleaned it up, and smiled that this figures smile and even laughed a little. I picked off as much pepper as I could, and ate it.

Between late nights, dealing with teenager attitudes, parent-teacher conferences (which was fun putting things into showcases and everyone who walked by saying their cute “Hey! Is this performance art?”), freak wind storms and watching the neighbors' transformer blow up I was ready to head home today!

I pulled into the driveway to a familiar sight. Dad had 3 trucks in the driveway. When I walked in mom’s first topic was about how my father bought ANOTHER truck he didn’t need…I looked over and this is something else I saw:
Dad has a habit of bring things home he “doesn’t need”, especially if it’s free. Remember the rooster from last fall?

I soon headed over to my sister’s house to see my much missed nephews. While there we caught up, watched Brennen WALK and looked through old photos. Mindy gave me a bunch of old Polaroids my grandma took. These were my favorite out of the bunch:
I'm the one in red and acid wash bibs . I LOVE MY GRANDMA!!! If you can’t read it, she wrote “me" and "big pineapple"
I love her.

Later tonight I'm heading back over to Mindy's with Miranda and Mom to watch The Secrete Life of Bees (a book we all read, so we've been excited to watch it).

It's good to be home.



Ok I am now totally jealous. I wish I was there with all of you. MEMORIES! ;)

Bekah said...

jealous, jealous, and more jealous. We need to come there SOON. Glad you're getting a break from everything. I think you should come HERE and watch that show! I need some girls in my life!!

Mallory said...

I have that same pepper grinder. (But I've never had issues with it.)

diane said...

I just love your little blog.I guess that is what you call it. I bet you didn't know that I look at it all the time. love from your most beautiful aunt... diane

Anonymous said...

I helped miranda move the stove out to sweep the other day and we wondered what all the little black things were! haha glad it isnt mouse droppings after all.