Sunday, February 8, 2009


Friday I went to an antique shop that’s going out of business, and everything is 70% off. Most of the good stuff was gone, but I managed to find some things that made me happy. First off: an egotistical montage of me in some smock things I found for under a buck a piece. As an art major these will actually come in handy.

Second: a box thing. This is my new version of a caboodle.

Third: a vase. A dirty vase. It will be well loved. I really realized yesterday what an amazing life I've got going for me. Some how I found a way to get paid for what I love. Granted, I haven't found a job yet (as my mother likes to remind me), but even so, things really couldn't be any better. I've got a 4 day weekend coming up...I think a small dose of excitement is necessary.

Blog ya later...

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Bekah said...

Ooooooh, I LOVE all your finds! I need to get myself to Portsmith one of these days to experience all of its wonders. You're looking skinny, Mally. And don't worry, a job will come, and then you'll have one FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE (in one form or another). Live it up! :)4 day weekend, huh? Sounds like the right amount of time for a trip to PA?