Monday, January 26, 2009

Flakes; Keep-o-Fallin'

I woke up this morning to my call ringtone at 5:30am. I was like “hmm, I didn’t mean to set my alarm to that”. I looked at my phone in confusion, and pressed the End button. Then I later heard my voicemail tone. It was my co-op teacher saying “happy first snow day!” I was thinking that "hey! Now I’ve got a full day to do more homework" and I rolled over to think about everything I would get done…and then I fell asleep until 8am. Miranda woke me up to tell me something (she confuses me a lot most mornings), and then asked if I wanted to go workout. I said YES. She went out to the car to clean it off, and then I went outside to say NO. I decided to go straight to the library, and start on school assignments. Obviously it’s been 4 hours, and I’m still not getting anything done.

One of my friends I worked with a couple summers ago emailed me yesterday to see if I wanted to be their Handiland Director (arts and crafts) at a camp in CA. I kind of just emailed him to say I would. So, I guess now I have plans for the summer. This is an exciting thought. PS- If anyone, ANYONE knows of anywhere, ANYWHERE that might need an art teacher let me know! (Or if there is some other opportunity you think “wow, Mallory would be perfect for this!” I’m really game for anything.)

Did I mention it’s a snow day? :)

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bekah said...

I believe I have already fulfilled your "hey, Mallory would be perfect for this" request by suggesting Oakcrest! You really would love it -- they're accepting applications right now.