Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Exsnows Me?

Too AWESOME!!! I got ANOTHER snow day today! And get this!!! I’ve got ANOTHER ONE TOMORROW!!! When I got in my car I felt like I was in a cave with all the snow on it. I only went to my car to get sleds for my roommates (which I forgot I took out of my trunk, and put them behind my dresser this summer). I’m lame, and don’t feel like getting out of my p.j.s today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go sledding, on my OTHER snow day. I’ve been up since 4:30am, because I wanted to get some things done before school started, and I’ve been working on them here and there throughout the day. But my routine usually consists of:

1st making a plan of what needs to get done.

2nd realizing that I’m hungry.

3rd making something so I’m not hungry anymore.

4th eating until I’m sick, because I don’t want to get hungry again while I’m working.

5th getting tired from eating so much.

6th napping.

7th waking up.

8th realizing I have things to do.

9th realizing that I’m hungry again.

10th repeat steps 1-10.

I honestly have gotten some work done today though, so don’t worry mom (I know you called Miranda this morning to check and see if I was being productive or not).

And when I asked if anyone had anything they thought “wow! Mallory would be perfect for this!”, I was referring to careers, or something long term. Sorry Bek. I’ve kind of got a surplus of summer job opportunities. Another one just came up this morning matter of fact. I wish the right decision was just so blatant that it smacked me in the face. Well, maybe I’d prefer a more “Hello Mallory. Nice to see you. Why, yes. This is your perfect destiny. Right this way.”

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