Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some Things Never Fail...

And one of those things would be me out of school. So far I've managed not to flunk out of school despite my radical zest for life. It's a bit of a problem how I can't sit still for too long, nor can I focus on schoolwork for a sufficient amount of time. Take right now for example. I have a huge portfolio due in 18 hours. Do I fret? No. I blog. Or Facebook. Or search for jobs for 3hrs. But I have no fear in it not getting done after 4 years of this life style.

This is the first time in my college career where I have accepted the fact that I walk on the edge. Really, if you think about it my parents should be proud that of all things this is what I do. I could be into drugs, grunge bands, alcohol, beanie babies, or even NASCAR memorabilia. But no. I am a last minute fighter. And I'll be honest. It's a good thing I'm just now figuring this out. The fear of not getting things done in time has had me crank out some pretty spectacular work in impressive time. Will I by tomorrow? Most likely. That's just how I roll...I guess I should be getting to work now.

But before I do, MERRY CHRISTMAS! This was Saturday, when I decided to devote an entire day to getting schoolwork done. What really ended up happening is what I'm sure you're all wondering.

I didn't roll out of bed until 9ish. My roomie offered to hang out with me in ceramics lab, but before then we headed over to see our favorite jolly guy. Then we walked over to the lab, where after about an hr I was ready to do something else. I had a goal that I would finish a certain number of pieces in a certain amount of time (5 in 1hr). After that I looked at Andrea and said..."I feel like Christmas shopping". Off we went with my new friend Blake along side. We hit Goodwill, the Dollar Tree, and Pet Land (Those puppies are just too cute not to stop by and see), and stopped at Bob's for some dinner. After that I knew I needed to get at least my Sunday school lesson prepared. So, we dropped Blake off and headed to the house. On the way we passed by where one of Andrea's friends were, so we stopped in to rap presents...which evolved into long conversations. So, pretty much I didn't get home until after 10 or so.

End result:
I had one of the best Sunday school classes I've taught, and everything due for Monday some how was enough.
I am so grateful for how much I get looked after from up above. There's no way I'd make it through life w/o.

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