Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Great News!

Oh what a relief! I just found out I passed my PraxisII exam! What a huge blessing. I was so worried. I had met my co-op teacher for student teaching. She is GREAT! I am extremely excited for next semester. If I wouldn't have passed I would have had to wait until the fall, and couldn't graduate in May. MAY! I graduate in MAY!

Days until commencement: 144!

Finals are just about over with, and I can't wait for a break! Mom, Dad, Miranda and I are heading to PA to see the Pennsylvanian Goldie's in a couple days! I'm hoping to make a trip out to UT, but that depends on if I can catch a flight (and they aren't looking too hot).

I had my music on shuffle a couple days ago, and a song came on I haven't listened to in quite a while. Yellowcard: Miles Apart. That was my song for the island. I can be such a dork, but it took me back so much. After I graduate I want to find that spot the island gave me. It feels like home, and gives a purpose to work hard. I have too many options for after graduation. I can't wait to figure out which one to choose...

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Bekah said...

CONGRATS, MALLY! I knew you would pass! I can't wait to see you on Thursday. Oh, and I LOVE the picture you have of yourself on facebook right now -- in fact, I just stole it and put it on my blog! You're gorgeous.