Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rain Rain

Oh, the cold rain.
I just want to cuddle up in a warm blanket in front of the fireplace. 
The past few weeks have been in the high 70's, beautiful fall weather (pictures to come)! But this week has been dreary (but at least not snowy!).

Things are coming together for Jeff and I. We've had some goals we really wanted to accomplish this year back home, but as each month passed they seemed farther and farther from ever being achieved. Well, I think they are finally going to be in our reach. Hopefully later this week we will know. 

Our Goals For October 2011-2012
  • Be more diligent in reading scriptures, praying, and serving others (will never be crossed off)
  • Find meaningful work (or any work at all)
  • Have an emergency fund 
  • Pay off Jeff's student loans
  • Create a realistic and obtainable budget (including investments and savings)
  • Eat healthily and exercise more
  • Create a side business (i.e. Etsy Shop) as a hobby and to help us be more creative
Within each goal there are specifics, and I've got different papers with different ideas and elaborations scattered around. So, to stay organized and managed I'm creating a "life book"....I need to think of a better name. Since I've been busy with different jobs and projects I've needed a more time efficient way of doing things. I want to get a meal plan, and shopping list made for each week. I want to keep track of each of our goals' progress. I want to keep up on my online class, or anything new I've learned. I want to keep each of my jobs organized. I want to hold myself accountable to following through on good ideas. That's what this book will help me do. Categorize and organize responsibilities, without micromanaging my life. 
(More details on this project to come)

This weekend, Jeff and I are heading across the river to Kentucky. We're excited to spend time and have fun with Jeff's side of the family. 

I'll keep you posted :)

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jacque4u2c said...

It is freezing rain here too! What part of Kentucky?? I live in Louisville.