Monday, November 14, 2011

nostalgia, rambles, and goals

I had a dream last night that just hit me. It involved the ocean and one of my closest friends. And I can't shake it. Can I just say I had the best college experience. I wouldn't change it for the world. Here's a little of why as soon as high school was over my life was awesome:

Worked on an island, made the greatest friends, and got the best tan I will ever have.
Had fun, and sometimes interesting roommates everywhere I went.
Went to an art enriched trip to London
Took an amazing, enlightening philosophy trip to China.
Flew anywhere in the country I had (or could make) a friend, just about every month.
Got the best education for me, that I would never replace. 
   (typical school day: scuba class, teach an art lesson, teach riding, unwind in the ceramics studio; weekend: fly to Utah to hang out with friends, or drive to an art museum in a neighboring state)
Had the most perfect job in the beautiful Appalachian hills, as a horseback riding instructor.
Lots more....

Since graduating, life has kind of changed. I can't fly anywhere on a whim anymore (lost my parents' flight benefits, for being too old). Haven't gone horseback riding for almost two years. My friends are getting married and starting their own lives, making it more challenging to get together or go on a spontaneous trip. And worst of all, I can't see the ocean whenever I want (again almost two years ago). This is all very very hard for a free spirit like mine.  

As much as I so greatly miss my college years, I have to remember what's ahead. For me, it's hard to think things could ever get any better than they were then...but when I'm realistic, they sure can. The only difference is we just have to make a little more money to go on a trip, and work with a schedule (makes my free spirit cringe). I just need to remember a few things.

I've gotten to see the island on THE best trip to the island in 2009.
I've seen beautiful parts of the country this past summer.
I learned so much of what happens in the business world, and the non-profit.
I got to experience the behind the scenes of an art museum.
I got to learn more of what I love and what I don't love in work.
I got to see how okay Oregon is.
I've met great people.
And of most importance:

Taken by Jules
 I married a hottie. And that's what brings me comfort. He's hoping to go to school for linguistics next year, and get certified to teach English as a second language (which most definitely implies we will travel the world together). I've become more of an introvert and he likes to be around people, so he makes me get out of the house. He is so creative with words, and I think we make a good creative duo. He's kind, corny, and nerdy. I hit the jackpot.

Today Jeff started his first day of work. We will still be poor, but at least now we can save a little to hopefully see the ocean soon.
Our Goals For October 2011-2012
  • Be more diligent in reading scriptures, praying, and serving others (will never be crossed off) Really have improved!
  • Find meaningful work (or any work at all)
  • Have an emergency fund 
  • Pay off Jeff's student loans Can finally start
  • Create a realistic and obtainable budget (including investments and savings) Working on tonight for FHE
  • Eat healthily and exercise more Lost a couple of inches already
  • Create a side business (i.e. Etsy Shop) as a hobby and to help us be more creative In the works :)

Hoping for the future is how I can beat back painful nostalgia.

We've been back for almost three months, which means I've got three months to catch you up on. Now that we've got a set schedule, goals, plans, and hopes I feel things will start moving (including my typing). 

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