Monday, October 3, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

Home in Idaho

So, we're back in Ohio. It's really great. 
I've been staying really busy making the basement into a home, and getting started in three different jobs. On Saturdays I'm helping out on a farm, with their fall festivities. I'm babysitting two handsome little boys a couple days a week...AND I finally got an art teaching gig. It's part time this year, which really works out perfectly for Jeff and I to get settled in and comfortable.

I've got tons of project ideas, and have lots to share. Now that we have most of our living situation arranged (i.e. an actual OFFICE space), I'll have more time. Ah, yes. Time. Considering I've got to leave at 6am, I believe it's time for bed. 

Coming up: The Move (as promised), the new pad, latest finds, projects, and goals to leading to a more organized life.

Buenas Nachos

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