Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thankful Even After The GRE

 The GRE was DUMB...and I (of course, considering I haven't even had to do a thing on the test since my high school days) did terribly. But thankfully I got to spend the rest of the day with some of my closest friends. The man of the Hour was Ashton, who we haven't had the pleasure of seeing for quite some time. Accompanying him would be the beautiful Anna. Whit and Aaron fortunately were able to grace us with their beauty. And CHRISTYN drove down for the event, after returning home the day before from being a Disney princess for the past eight or so months. I am so grateful I got to see such great friends.
Once my trip to Utah was supposed to end, a blizzard "hit". Apparently up north was getting hammered, so we decided to wait for it to pass...although it never really arrived. 

On our way back it took us a couple of extra hours to get there. Oh so slow going, but at least it was in good company (Jeff, Miranda and Ben). It was nice to have a couple guys in the back seat to jump out whenever we needed a push out of the snow, and wash of the windshield every hour or so.

It was beautiful after the sun slowly started to go down, and there was some almost-rainbow light caught in the sky. 

It was a VERY long drive, but we made it back in time to prepare for Thanksgiving. 
I was blessed to have a great co-worker who was out of town, and wanted someone to house-sit. It was the perfect place to be when we couldn't be with our whole families. Jeff's roommate joined us, and we had a wonderful evening of stuffing ourselves to the brim, and lounging around watching movies and playing Wii.
My first turkey turned out golden and juicy.

I'm grateful for so much, and this whole week reminded me of each of my blessings.
Pumpkin Milkshakes 
(^my new Thanksgiving tradition^)
The Arts 
Etc. Etc. Etc.

And is it just me, or does the formation of the above writings look like a cake platter?

Anyways, happy holidays! Three weeks until I am back in the homeland. :)

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Maren said...

so so so wish I could've been there! I miss you gusy!