Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ocean Side

Whit and I headed south to catch up with a great friend, Kayci. After a great night's sleep we were running to the beach.
There weren't many shells, but there were tons of pebbles. A secret habit of mine is to take color swatches from the store that fit my mood; and just like the swatches, I spent a long time picking out the ones that made me happy...when I stumbled upon this sight: 
There's so much love surrounding the ocean
We got swept up in the time, and ended up getting a cute little motel room, about a 1/4mile from the most glorious beach we would see. Once night came, we found ways to entertain ourselves:

On our adventure we saw breathtaking views, 
 and sidetracking flower fields.

...And Whit was definitely the flower diving mastermind... 
Then we were off to see lighthouses!
 Then we headed back to Ashland, OR for the rest of our trip...Oregon is...
Driving all around OR made me miss OH, because I was expecting it to be green...It's not, and I still need a green fix for the summer (like I would get in OH). OR is nice, but the coast is really the nicest part. That is were I'd return, if I go back.


Miranda said...

My favorite is you blowing into that thing. Whatever that thing is. I love that picture a lot.

Blakely and Lindsey said...

What a fun trip and great pictures! I miss you and Whit, hope all is well!