Saturday, July 31, 2010

day by day

I’m back and better than ever! You’ll never guess what I did…MOVED. AGAIN. Hopefully for the final time for my year in Idaho. I don’t officially start work until next month, so I’ve been having a time keeping myself entertained. I apologize for the lack of blogging…It was due to my lack of internet, WHICH I now have. Oh, but before I move on I should mention the reason for moving. $$$. It was cheaper, and I’ve got to stretch my mula. Plus, I’m living with some really nice young ladies, so I can’t complain.

Now, down to business. How I spend the majority of my days:

Let’s start with Monday. This is a busy day of books, DI shopping, and bike riding...and whatever else suits my fancy. I have very slowly been reading Alice 's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There. I found them in a little used bookstore, on my trip to D.C. last fall...That's how long I've been reading them. And THEN I saw the movie...and I fell completely in love with Alice. These books are structured so much like an actual dream, and are so jumpy that I just love it. I'll often refer to her I'm sure. Considering my great love of Alice, Jeff so graciously got me a (everything I could ever need in a year, plus wonderful original illustrations and snippets) planner with an Alice in Wonderland theme, and I just LOVE it. Thank you :)  
 I've finished several other books in the past couple weeks, and hope to write a little more about them in the future, but now for more of what I'm occupying my Mondays with...I've been doing some practical DI shopping (our equivalent to Goodwill back home). I usually get (very lovely) junk, which I still do, but lately I've been focusing more on the important things. FOOD, or in other words, other ways to cook food rather than the microwave. I love to cook, and even enjoy reading a good cookbook from time to time (especially lately), so a few things were necessary. Crock pot, toaster oven, pots, pans, etc, etc... So now I can make lots of delicious food.  Exhibit A:
More fooding to come...To continue my Mondays I might go out for a ride. Not on a horse anymore, but on my sweet bike!  

Thank you, Craigslist. You make my life smile. This is an old awesome bike. It could use some touch-ups, which is exactly why it doesn't need any.

And on to Tuesday: Probably thought we would never get there with all the fun we've been having on Monday (of all days), but here we are. And what do we have on the agenda? TWO DOLLAR TUESDAYS at the cheap theater!!! It is because of this theater I had no shame in seeing Alice twice, A-Team (you wouldn't believe how great it is until you've seen it) twice, Knight and Day, Robin Hood, Iron Man II, Clash of The Titans twice, and plenty of others. Thank you Two Dollar Tuesdays. You have allowed me to be semi-up-to-date on our movie culture. PS-One movie worth the full price: INCEPTION. AMAZING [period]

Wednesday: Library trips...or repeat steps one through three... And grab a CUPCAKE! I'm on a mission, as I previously mentioned, to have every kind of cupcake this cupcake shop has to offer before moving. A delight for the week: 

Chocolate, chocolate with caramel and whipped cream drink, and both with a laptop. 
That is a good Wednesday...or any other day I decide to have a cupcake, cuz everyday they make a different selection. :) 

Thursday: Ditto to everything on Wed.

Friday: TGIF after a week like this! I'm sure you know the feeling ;) (that's a winky face) But in all seriousness, Fridays are great. I have a huge no ending, never beginning crush on Farmers Markets. The one here isn't too bad. I've managed to get orange blossom honey (I'm considering becoming a honey cono sur), cherries, tomatoes, and lovely flowers that reminded me of summers at my grandma's house. 

It's also our costume to get a different flavor snow cone from the neighboring snow cone hut. Today I got the sour patch kid. Not. Too. Bad. 
Saturday: Every one is different. Tomorrow I'm pickin' some raspberries, hittin' a used book store, and trying a new recipe with one of my new roomies.

Sunday: I recuperate from such a tough week. 

Remember back last year, when I went through a faze of celebrating a crazy holiday everyday? I'm thinking about bringing that back. I've been thinking about a lot of things actually. All these blog ideas have been floating around in my head, and I'm finally able to get them all out! I anticipate a really great year (after an extremely difficult year of uncertainty). I think I deserve a little fun, after all. 

I am good. I am great. I am hopeful, and grateful. I love my family, and miss my friends, but it will be worth it. It always is.


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Beth said...

1. I miss you.
2. I love your pictures.
3. Inception is amazing.