Monday, July 12, 2010

coming to you in 2011

Coming in 2011
Fo' ya Info: with VISTA I am unable to work or accept any payments during my year of service. This means no Etsy until next year.

Thanks for all the support and love! 

I'm excited to share my experiences working with the community here in well as some personal happenings.

Such as:
I have a new pen pal, Ella, my niece; A-TEAM was extremely unexpectedly AWESOME; the farmers market on Fridays (which always entails hitting the snow cones, and getting the craziest concoction squirted on top...such as Frog in a Blinder) is what I look forward to in the week; I'm on a mission to try every cupcake in the local cupcake shop; DI is too close to where I feeds my thrifting addition; and I'm picking up a new hobby I didn't think I was cool enough to start so far along in the game (LONGBOARDING). 


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