Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It has been a tough tough week, here in Idaho. I have been staying with a loving and fun couple (Tim and Aly), and last week was extremely heartbreaking. Tim moved oil rigs for a living, and left just a couple weeks ago to start a new job. Last Wed night, Alyson heard the devastating news of her husband’s death, after worrying many hours as to why she couldn’t reach him. A few more details on the accident can be found here.

I didn’t get to know Tim really well, but from what I did know of him he was a bit of a jokester, a hard worker, great husband, and a very kind hearted man. It will continue to be a difficult while for Aly, and I hope with time she will be comforted in her loss.  As for now, she is taking it day by day, surrounded by many loved ones, and is stronger than she realizes. I admire her for it.

Lately I’ve been questioning my move, and if I am really where I should be. I’ve realized this week that if anything I’m here to help a friend in her loss. I don’t know how much I can do, but I know being here is better than not.  Please keep Aly in your prayers.

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Maren said...

will you please call me sometime? For some reason I do not have your number anymore. Please call. I want to hear all about your life these days. I miss you Mal, I love you and I think you are wonderful.