Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bye-Bye May

Well, May is almost gone…and this month has been something else for surez. I am currently looking for a new place (surprised? Cuz it has only been like a few months since I last moved). But in the mean time, I should say…I am happy. I am happy knowing that even if nothing turns out like expected, I’m still going to be ok…and not just ok, but often better than ok. I’m kind of a drifter right now, but hey! I’m good at it. :) I’m like a hot air balloon (and not in the since that it’s full of hot air…I hope), but in the way that it’s kinda slow about things and enjoys the ride…

And don’t ask how I took this picture. It was dangerous, and I was 10min late for work…Never again.

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Shan said...

Mall, I've been thinking about you. I'm proud of your positive attitude and patience; I know great things are right around the corner for you. You are sunshine to others when life is bleak. I've never known a more radiant person. All is well, Love ya!