Thursday, April 23, 2009


Does this wee flower appear to have a uni-brow of sorts? I felt like it should be loved.

Much has happened these past couple days, so I'll try to recap. I'm calling this a Uni-blog because it's going to be kinda long...


My last day going to Huntington 3rd Branch was sad. I will miss everyone greatly!!! I've made life long friends and through the magical world of Facebook I am sure we will always keep in touch. We have gone through so much together. Whether it was deep frying jello, or riding down white rapids their friendship kept me from going crazy in these isolating hills.


I've been helping with some high school art events lately, and the county art show was Tuesday. Before I was in charge of punch and cookies, but this time I was promoted to front desk! Talk about movin' on up. That was a fun gig. I basically smiled and looked pretty, among other things. I just felt so much joy in heart sitting in a wonderful museum listening to the harpist play Can You Feel the Love Tonight, and other delightful songs. :) I am honestly going to miss this place (as much as I am ready to leave.) It's starting to feel a little like Cheers. I know more people in this town than my home town. Sitting at that desk was the best thing I could have done before leaving here. I got to talk to just about everyone in the community I wanted to see one last time.


We took our students on a field trip to the Southern Ohio Museum to see Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson. She is a fascinating artist from Columbus with great insight. One of my favorite things she said was that a gift does not belong to us. It is for the future.

Next up was THE BEAR RUN/WALK! Here are some videos to give you an idea on how great it was. (Sorry for the low low quality and wind blowing. That's a camera phone for you...)

We had fun. So a couple of us were going to get our picture with a bear for the "Bear Run/Walk", when Rocky the Rock Star joined us too.

Earth Day is the day that got me thinking about all these little holidays, and It was definitely a good one. I was honestly very disappointing that the theaters around here weren't showing EARTH, but I like to think it was because that much excitement in one day would be just too much.

And now we are here today. This is my last day at institute, so I put together a little something for my awesome teacher! I'm giving her the 'uni-flower', because I know Eva is a very loving person. I also picked up some lovely Dove chocolates today. Here is one I got!

It says "Find little ways to make everyday a holiday."

How perfect is that!


Jen said...

Come to Provo and you can see "Earth" at my theater with me, and for free---does it get any better than that?

Anonymous said...

I love living having a roommate who makes everyday a holiday!