Friday, April 24, 2009

A Series of Un and/or Semi-Fortunate Events

Today is just one of those days you have to write about or it becomes an undeservedly forgotten day.

First off: I was expecting a very important package.
Second: I wanted to go home for the weekend to spend the beautiful Arbor Day taking a walk with some of the fam on the bike trail.

This is what happened:

3:30, no package. I go to campus to pick up my tassel (because I'm graduating in 15 days). I check my email, and track my package. It's supposedly been on the truck since 9:10am. Thinking the little guy couldn't take too much longer I head to the house in hopes of seeing it waiting on the porch.

4:15, no luck. I double check to make sure I didn't over look it. I walk out on the porch, look everywhere, open the screen door and the main door shuts in my face. Locked out. I see my roommate's car, so I assume she is home. I ring the doorbell over and over and over. No answer.

4:20, I start walking to the school's library where my other roommate is working (thank goodness). She didn't get off work until 5:00, so I just hung around until then.

5:10, still no package. I pack up, and just want to go home. I get an idea to run UPS and ask what was up. I didn't want my package out on the porch for the whole weekend. I get there, and they assure me it is on the truck. It was Avon day, so they had a ton of deliveries. AVON DAY! I should have known. So, it could be as late as 8:00 before it would arrive.

6:15 I call my sisters to tell them I wont make it in time to go for a walk with them, because it's Avon day. Before heading to the house to wait for the UPS guy I run to McDonald's for some nuggets. I had a long walk earlier, and justified it with my extra calorie burnage. I pull up to pay, and the woman just needed somebody to talk to. she had plenty to say about how hard it was working with some of those people, and her hip was killing her...or was it her knee? I gave her some advice and pulled forward.

6:30, I arrive at the house to find my package! The hunt was over, and I could go home!

What a wonderful day. I got to take a nice walk through the town, meet a UPS man who informed me it was Avon Day (which I know he only meant it was when all the Avon stuff came in for them to deliver, but it doesn't mean we can't celebrate about it), and the way things worked out I ended up at that woman's window when she needed an ear. AND I got my package.

Happy Avon Day!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I love Avon Day! lol