Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So Much...

Recap time! I honestly saw just about everything in China. Everything. I'm finally just taking my camera to the library, and am now posting a few (out of TONS) of pictures.
Things I did and saw:
Longmen Caves
Kung Fu
Hiked up Mountains to Taoist Temples
Went to the Olympics
Climbed the Great Wall

Ate Everything!
(With Chopsticks!)
Climbed up a Pagoda
(Beautiful after the rain)
Saw the The Terracotta Army

Was on the city wall of Xi'an
And everything in between...

Garet and I had a time just going down the Great Wall:

If you want to see more, I posted a bunch of pictures on Facebook:


I am putting together a video of the trip, so expect to see that in future days...Hmm, I wonder what's next. Red River Gorge is coming up soon, but there has to be something bigger. And, skydiving may be in the works for graduation. I'll keep you posted. Life is pretty exciting:)

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