Friday, September 19, 2008


What a beautiful day! There’s a slight breeze with the sun shining. The next couple days are going to be devoted to lifting this burden (aka homework) off my shoulders. Freedom! I want FREEDOM! I prayed for more hours in a day for this week, and I think it’s actually working.

Is it crazy that I think I might want to teach middle school? I’m in a methods class where I help teach 6th-12th grade art. I still really want to be a high school art teacher, but middle school isn’t too bad either. I think they are so funny! They are so quick to please, and yet they think everything is stupid. It’s great!

If anyone had an art project that they just loved growing up, can you send that my way? I’ve been collecting ideas, but now I really need them. Thanks!
…I better get to work now :)

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