Wednesday, June 4, 2008

While I'm Supposed to be Presenting on "Fighting Cancer Through the Study of Sarcomas"

Yeah, I’m supposed to be in class right now. My reason for not going?...It’s raining. I know what you’re thinking, and I honestly don’t know how I made it this long in school either.

Today I eat a HUGE candy bar worth almost half of my daily allowance…in about 10min. I’m such a heath freak, and yet I go on sugar rampages. Not anymore! From this point on I am never eating junk food again!...except on holidays…and birthdays…when a kind person offers, because then I would just be rude otherwise. That’s right folks! No more tons of junk…just little bits of junk on occasion. I’m already working out again after a gross semester of fast-food and desk sitting. I’m getting back in shape! By August I’m going to be the beach bum I love to be, but with a little more tone in that Tan and Tone…and maybe less Tan…But I’m going to be HOT!

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Christyn Caryn said...

I love you Mal! You are totally pulling a " no sugar diet" like at camp but without the 5 dollar fee and the group of people doing it with you, ha! OH good times!