Friday, June 27, 2008

It’s a Sun Shining Day!

I have SO MUCH JOY! I am just so blessed, and grateful for everything. I finally am done with a couple of tough classes, and only have a couple art studios to finish up the summer. I can finally take a breath! It’s always about this time that I get really restless, too. I’ve got to go on an adventure! Luckily there is some white water rafting next month to tide me over until August…possibly. This is more of what I'm craving, though:

But alas, I'm here in Ohio and I just got off work at the greatest job. I don’t know how things worked out where I would have the perfect job for me at this time in my life, but I sure am blessed having it. I’ve been at the ranch for over two years, and learn something new almost everyday. Take today for example. I learned how to clean a gelding’s sheath. For those who don’t know what that is…you probably don’t want to know. I told my boss while cleaning “it” I could totally mark this off my bucket list. She laughed, but I know she had to be wondering “do you think she really had this on her bucket list?...because that would be way nasty". But, no. No, it was not on my bucket list. Should’ve been, though.

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Christyn Caryn said...

Mallory, this post made my day a sun shining day! Really, you just make me so happy! I love reading about your wonderful life! Let's hear it for joy!haha if you want an adventure... COME TO ECCCUUUAAADDOOORR!