Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back to Life...

...Back to reality.

I'm back in Idaho, and it's cold. But it looks like the rest of the country is cold too, so that makes me feel better.

I know you've all been wondering what my visit back home consisted of. Welp, here it is:

Gingerbread houses at the Maloney home.

Meeting this little girl. ^

Wrestling these little boys. ^

The kids sledding the same place we used to when we were little. (Ella is awesome)

Seeing a great-grandmother meet a great-granddaughter. 4 Generations.^

Seeing amazing old friends. Here are a couple of 'm ^   (The blurrier the photo, the more fun that was had).

 Enjoyed a great New Year's dinner, with great music, and great people (the Maloney's).

Family Journal Jar; Ella's was amazing this year.

Family Dance-Off for Girl Scout cookies.....I discovered my all time favorite game; to play, and even more, to watch.

Ohio was great. I was a little heart broken to have to come back, but once I got here things have been really nice. Work is going well, and life is fun. I was thinking about how I'm more than likely going to be here until August. What made the other places I've been worth while, has been a, I guess, bucket list....Hmmmm, where to start? Trip to Boise, Bear World, grow potatoes...maybe there's more to do here than I thought! I like Idaho, so I want to appreciate as much of it as I can, before it "kicks the bucket" in my life.

Good bye for now, Ohio.

Hello land of snow, and potatoes.

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Bekah said...

This post makes me so happy! I love that Phil is bowing down to Miranda, I didn't notice that when you took the picture! Glad you are well and settling back in. Go to Boise AND Bear World, they're both great. And you might want to add yellowstone to your list to go see old faithful. Love ya!