Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dressin' Up

I have always been a bit of a collector. If I find something I can make something else out of, it's hard for me not to keep it. When I was little it was dress-up clothes. I'd keep old clothes from anything, and turn something that wasn't even clothing into something "fashionable". Kind of an odd hobby for being a huge tomboy, but I loved it.

This was supposed to be a serious picture, like the ones in the olden days...I still remember not being happy with my friend, Audrey for not being serious enough.
And here she is again! Right before we go out TPing, she's got my sombrero, purple spandex pants, and red high heels on for the occasion. Last time I was annoyed by her, but this time I admired her. :)
I'm pretty sure my friends mainly wanted to come over for my dress-up box. I wish I had more pictures of all our fashionable adventures, because they're pretty great.

 I'm fairly curtain I know where I got my flair for fashion, though. Starts with a G and ends in randma. She was my main dealer when it came to wigs, dresses, props and purses. Here's me, my older sister, brother, and cousins caught in the act. (I'm the redhead).
 Now, despite my gift for costuming it out, Halloween has never been my strong point. I think it's because you can't pressure a gift like mine. It has to come out when it's ready. Halloween is just too much pressure. But this year! This year I hope to change that. I hope this year to be different. It's been over 5 years since I've put on a costume...and that needs to change.

Hope I can come up with something...Oh...THE PRESSURE!


Bekah said...

Ha! Love these, especially the top one. Can't wait to see what you do for Halloween!

K-Krew said...

Looking at the 2nd photo made me miss you girls. Man I sound old. But it's still true :)