Saturday, June 13, 2009

Funnel me up some cake...

You know what I can't get enough of? Those inflatable lawn decorations! Very classy. Know what else I can't get enough of? Seeing the new things my dad finds to bring home. Recall this time? Well, here's the newest:

Miranda's graduation party was yesterday. The high school colors are orange and black, so when Miranda got home for her party I told her I had all the decorations done. I put her cap and gown on the pumpkin...I think I was the only one who thought it was funny...

The party was a great time! Fun to see old family and friends. Here is a video of my grandma playin' the Boogie Woogie...

Notice what's happening in the background. My 1yr old nephew stole grandma's cane! He had his eye on it all night.

Today was a very fun, and long day. Cincy and Dayton's YSA group had an activity of helping fix up some homes for the elderly. That was really nice. Hopefully the stain for a fence will come out of my skin.

Then, I headed home for the town's yearly
Banana Split Festival! I only went for the funnel cake.
I walked around with dad, and looked at old cars...
Although, I know nothing about them.
Glad we got to go to the festival this year.

Good Times.

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