Friday, March 27, 2009

Not Too Shabby

What a fast week! Seeing it was spring break for the university I didn’t have any classes in the afternoons. I spent my time…wisely? Well, probably not. At least I had fun celebrating National Puppy Day on Monday, National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day Tuesday, and Kick Butts Day on Wednesday. Monday my co-op teacher and I wore Puppy Day pictures on our shirts (refer to photo). Later I went to the store, and looked for a puzzle to do to prevent Alzheimer’s. That’s when I found the most perfect puzzle! Included was a puppy for me to adopt for puppy day! (again, refer to photo). Naturally I had to buy it, and who doesn’t want to put together a puzzle with puppies playing on the beach? When I found out the puppy’s head bobbled I was just thinking that this day could NOT get any better.

Tuesday I ended up eating my daily calorie intake in chocolate covered raisins, and Wednesday I quite smoking…not that I smoked before, but I definitely didn’t Wednesday! Thursday was Make up Your Own Holiday Day, WHICH I slightly neglected to do. I did have a snack a student let me try from I think Spain, so I declared it National International Snack Day.

Today was Education and Sharing Day, which I’m sure I had my fill of at an art teachers meeting all day…Tomorrow is Eggsibit Day, where you decorate Easter eggs…It’s still a bit to early for that kind of thing, so I’m just going to make it normal Exhibit Day. The town is having an Art Walk, and I am there. Not sure what I’m going to do for Texas Loves the Children Day on Sunday, but I’ll definitely let you know when I know. Happy Holidays!

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