Friday, March 20, 2009


SOOOO! TODAY is a very special day! TODAY is the 50 day count down until GRADUATION! I AM PUMPED. I was thinking of the best way to go about this, and I found the most perfect thing to do. EVERYDAY until May 9th I am going to celebrate those silly holidays no one knows about. EVERYDAY IS A CELEBRATION anticipating the ULTIMATE CELEBRATION!

Great American Meatout Day
Proposal Day
National Agriculture Day

SOOO! Thus far I have managed to not eat meat, AND one of my friends just walked in the library. I proposed…He has yet to answer. He asked some questions, but never answered…AND I definitely ate a salad for lunch today to celebrate Agriculture Day.

Yesterday I was compiling pictures from my experiences from college, and I really didn’t document too much my first couple years…This is a wonderful excuse for me to do some pretty exciting things and make some pretty fun memories my last 50 days here. Want to celebrate with me? Maybe give me a date, I’ll tell you what I’m celebrating, and we can celebrate together! If you are near or far we can figure something out.

Life is so wonderful right now. I’m living the life I’ve been working towards. It’s nice.

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